The Akhanda Yoga style is a wonderful, holistic approach to teaching traditional Hatha Yoga.

Akhanda Yoga encourages you to be a scientist and experiment on yourself to find what works and what doesn’t work within the guidelines given to us by founder, Yogrishi Vishvketu of the Nath lineage.

What Akhanda Yoga Class styles do we teach?

Akhanda Beginners Class

Akhanda Yoga Beginners classes offer a moderate sequence of the most familiar and accessible postures and breathing techniques, and can be enjoyed by both beginning and continuing students.

The classes introduce the basic principles of alignment, breath, sound, yogic thought and relaxation. You will come away with tools to help you move with greater ease, and use breath both to uplift and calm your whole system.

Akhanda Intermediate

Akhanda Yoga Intermediate Class is designed to inspire intermediate students through more dynamic asana, pranayama, mantra and longer meditations. These techniques work synergistically to deepen your exploration of the body/mind connection, release blockages and cleanse outmoded thought patterns.

This practice aims to heighten your energetic awareness and to balance and expand the flow of prana.

Akhanda Dynamic Flow

Akhanda Yoga Dynamic Flow, sometimes referred to as Akhanda Flow, provides unique and dynamic sequences woven through the sun salutation. As all Akhanda practices are balanced, the intensity of strong, uplifting asana at the beginning of a class are mirrored by surrendering, grounding postures at the resolution.

Classes also further explore the bandhas and breath retention for the direction and expansion of prana. Mantras and yogic aphorisms are used as themes that run through the classes and anchor the final meditation.

Classical Akhanda Kundalini

Classical Kundalini Yoga is a truly unique style developed by Yogrishi Vishvketu to initiate students into Tantra Yoga.

Classes focus on the subtle energy systems of the body and work to balance the solar and lunar channels. They feature asana, oscillating movements, Tantric and Vedic Bija mantras, chakra visualisations and dynamic pranayama techniques to clear the energy passageways and the chakras, aligning you with cosmic prana. You will come away with great clarity, vitality and peace.

Hatha Raja

Hatha Raja Yoga is another very special class style developed by Yogrishi Vishvketu. Classes offer a sequence of moderate postures practiced in a slow and mindful way in conjunction with Brahmaree Pranayama (honey-bee breath) and conclude with a natural meditation.

Performing Brahmaree during postures helps to lengthen the breath and releases stress at a cellular level. The postures chosen influence the pineal and pituitary glands of the brain, which balances the hormonal system and calms and uplifts the mind, bringing you more easily into meditation.

Five Koshas

Five Koshas Yoga classes explore and deepen your connection to the five layers of being, physical, energetic, mental/emotional, intuitive and pure awareness.

By repeating a short sequence three times, these classes focus on individual layers, gradually bringing your awareness inside and allowing you to go deeper and deeper until all that remains is bliss.


Pranayama roughly translates from Sanskrit as “extension of prana (breath/life force)”.

The breath is our main source of life energy and in yoga, pranayama techniques are used to raise, balance, and expand the field of that energy. In these classes, you will have the opportunity to learn more about the practice and purpose of diverse pranayama techniques, such as Anuloma Viloma, Kapalabhati, and Brahmaree, each with their own unique benefits ranging from calming to cleansing and energising.

You will come away with more confidence to include pranayama in your home practice.

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra, or “yogic sleep” is a meditative practice that brings students into a state of complete relaxation between waking and sleeping.

The Akhanda approach to Yoga Nidra directs your awareness to each part of the body, alternating right and left, through the medium of the third-eye. This balances the hemispheres of the brain and cultivates intuition. Setting an intention enhances the practice and assists in manifests deep wishes and purifying outmoded habits.

Yoga Nidra is extremely beneficial for anyone suffering from stress, anxiety, insomnia or alienation.