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Akhanda Yoga is a balanced Yoga Class covering all aspects of Hatha Yoga:

  • Asana (physical postures)

  • Pranayama (focused breathing)

  • Mantra (chanting)

  • Meditation (sitting in stillness)

The class or yoga practice will be an exploration of the body, mind and spirit.

Through Asana (physical postures) and Pranayama (focused breathing) we will explore the inner and outer workings of the body; allowing, guiding, moulding and massaging the body in different ways to release tensions, stored emotions and create a clear pathways for our energy to flow freely. 

We will use Mantra to cultivate a feeling of oneness and connectedness to something that is bigger than our individual selves. And close with Meditation, which is the reason we practice all of these other practices, the union of body and mind into harmony. 

Have a read here for more about the style.

We offer:

  • Holistic Akhanda Yoga classes

  • Private / One-on-One Yoga sessions

  • Yoga Life Coaching


About Us

Find out about Paul and Michelle from The Yogin, our Yoga teaching style and how you can contact us for Workshops, Retreats and Classes.

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Get some Yoga Art

Did you know that Michelle from The Yogin is a Visual Artist? She has been making art as long as she can remember. 

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What is Akhanda Yoga?

Looking to make positive changes in your life? Akhanda Yoga is a holistic, authentic Yoga practice that you can integrate into your daily life.

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अथ योगानुशासनम्

atha yoga-anuśāsanam

here, now is the practice or teaching of yoga

— Patanjali's yoga sutras 1.1