Paul Macnamara

Paul has been exploring Yogic and other Spiritual practices since a young age but only came to the Asana practice in his late 30’s.

Inspired by the great changes he has felt in his body and mind since undertaking the disciplines that Akhanda Yoga has to offer, Paul guides his students towards similar practices, that have positive effects and changes in their lives.

Originally from Liverpool in the UK, Paul has been living in Australia for the past 18 years. Paul has been exploring Yogic and other Spiritual practices since a young age.

Alongside his wife Michelle, he uses the practice of Yoga to guide his daily life. An avid student of Akhanda Yoga (RYT 500), Paul initially trained under Nick 'Sadashiv' Bradley and Radha Rani from Akhanda Yoga Australia. Then went on to further his study in Rishikesh, India with Yoga master Yogrishi Vishvketu.

Using Asana, Pranayama, Meditation and Mantra under the guidance of his teachers in Australia, Nick & Radha Bradley (founders of Akhanda Yoga Australia) and Yogrishi Vishvketu, founder of Akhanda Yoga in Rishikesh.

Paul's work focuses on putting together specific programs to guide the individual towards understanding and realising their potential. 

Traversing life and travelling the world together Paul and Michelle work, learn, practice and teach on an axis across the world from Byron Bay, Australia, Rishikesh in India and Liverpool in the UK.